Terrence Arlyn


Best known as a vibrant talented guy born and raised in Glassboro New Jersey, Terrence decided to take his class clown-like antics to the big stage. Beginning his comedic career in 2006, Terrence took the stage by storm with his snappy and witty jokes in places like The Laff House, Club Helium, The Funny Bone, Carolines Comedy Club and many more. Gifted at his craft, he went on tour with some of the hottest line-ups across the board: Michael Blackson, James “Talent” Harris, and Tony Roberts to name a few.

Embarking on the journey to have his voice touch many listeners, Terrence hit the radio wave, becoming a radio personality, writer and producer for WNJC 1360 AM. As if that wasn’t loud enough, Terrence segued into creative writing, allowing his sons to be his motivation, where he then published his 4-star debut novel, Circumstances. A true go-getter with the ambitions of making his dreams come true, Terrence stepped onto the scene in 2016: writing, producing, and directing his very own award-winning feature film, “Last Shot”. A true business mogul in every sense of the word, Terrence continues to build his brand in order to take Arlyn Entertainment to the next level.

Arlyn Entertainment is a full-service production company specializing in commercials, documentaries, music videos, television shows, and films. From start to finish, Arlyn Entertainment provides its clients with quality services such as: consulting, concept creation, development, directing, producing, pre and post production, etc.

After forging its way into the entertainment industry with its Four-Star Novel titled “Circumstances” and its Award Winning Film “Last Shot”, Arlyn Entertainment has cultivated many relationships with companies to expand its business. Arlyn Entertainment is affiliated with companies such as Afterlight Visual, Wooden Nickels Productions, JoCo Films, Shy Light Services, and eGo Nation.


Jackson Brooks realizes at a young age that he was alone in a cold, harsh world. After he loses both parents and spends time in prison, he immerses himself in hard work, putting himself ahead of everyone else. By the time he is thirty-one, Jackson has cars, money, and a prestigious job with one of the largest art dealers on the East Coast. As Jackson focuses on attaining wealth, power, and respect, fate places the wrong circumstances at the right time in his life, changing everything in an instant.

When Jackson’s careless actions and love for women leads him to contract Aids, he becomes suicidal and blinded with rage. After he is overcome with the desire to hurt someone-anyone, without a care in the world he inserts a clip into his gun and before he even leaves his apartment building, initiates a ruthless killing spree that will take him across the city in search of the one who gave him a death sentence. Unfortunately, for everyone in Philadelphia, the more Jackson kills, the more he likes it.

Circumstances is the gripping tale of one man’s quest for success and then for vengeance after he is diagnosed with Aids.